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  Big Sound PB11        

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BigSoundTM PB11 Features: 
16-bit Sound Reproduction
A 16-bit combintation microprocesssor and digital signal processor is used to produce museum-quality sound that cannot be matched by an 8-bit solution
3 Watts Power
Strong 3 Watt amplifier produces more than sufficient volume for out-of-doors use, capable of handling loads down to 4 ohms.
3-Volt Low-speed Operation
Most sound units do a poor job at low power settings - meaning at low run speeds. Not so with the PB11, it is fully operational at power settings as low as 3 Volts. There is usually some voltage loss from the track through the wheels and contacts to the board, so the track voltage may have to be 5 or 6 volts for continuous operation in order to keep the battery fully charged.
5 triggers for external control
5 different inputs provide flexibility for attaching external controls such as reed switches or remote control trigger outputs.
Twice the memory of the 2K2
The memory size of the PB11 means we have added and will be adding still more sounds, effects and features. Just as you asked for. Look for new and improved sounds as well.
Advanced Circuit Protection
Not likely that you'll blow up a board from making a minor installation error.
BigBoostTM is on the board
No need to purchase a separate, slow-speed booster, it is on the board at no extra price.
Board Size
The board is 2.54 " x 0.87" x 0.50" -- smaller than the BigSoundTM 2K2 board and the same footprint as the BigSoundTM PB9.
NiMH Battery
The PB11 uses a 3.6V 2/3AAA NiMH battery pack - 53% the size of the 3.6V 2/3AA Ni-Cad 2K2 battery.
Built-in Battery Charger
No need to purchase an external battery charger. The battery is charged automatically by the PB11.
DCC Sound Decoder Built-In
It isn't necessary to purchase a separate DCC function decoder to control sounds like the whistle and bell on a PB11 - a DCC sound decoder is built-in. NMRA Compliant.
Extensive Sound Library
Over 70 sounds and growing.
Lineout for external amplification
Real-world applications can be achieved including high-volume amplification by using the low-noise lineout capability.
Opto Isolation Not Necessary
Opto-isolation is not necessary when using the PB9 with remote control.
Polyphonic Integration
Different sound-features are generated so that one does not distort the other For example, bell stands out clearly from the chuff.
Manual and Automatic Opeation
Manual and automatic operation can be achieved from the same board.
Simple remote programming
No buttons to push or wires to configure. The PB11 is 100% configurable from any personal computer by using our simple computer interface.
Everything your used to with a Phoenix system
The BigSoundTM PB11 builds upon and includes all the features of previous Phoenix Sound SYstems.

  • PB11 Kit  $364.97 Ea. (Please Specifiy what Locomotive sound Requested )
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    Introducing the Phoenix SoundComputer Interface...
    In designing our BigSoundTM 2K2 board, we listened to our customers and tried to ascertain their needs. That brought to light an idea for a computer program that would work in conjunction with our BigsoundTM 2K2 board and allow an unprecedented level of customization. From the sound of the chuff to the volume of the whistle or bell our customers would now be able to set their own personal level of detail with the Phoenix Sound Computer Interface! Hooking up simply to the serial port of any computer running Windows 95 or beyond, you can change most anything: horn volume level, DCC address, what sound is triggered by what terminal, or download an entirely NEW set of sounds into the board without ever removing it from the locomotive!

    Now you can go far beyond the factory settings for your BigsoundTM 2K2 or P5 sound board. The Phoenix Sound Computer Interface is a simple icon menu driven program - meaning you don't have to hunt around a file menu to find what you want to change. Just click on the icon and you're into the menu for that particular sound or category. Once in the menu you can find the value you want and adjust it to your liking. If you see a picture, you can change it! For ease of use the Phoenix Sound Computer Interface's menus are made of sliders and pull-down lists. We have also set up 3 user levels so our customers can themselves select what level of detail they are comfortable with. User levels go from beginner, which allows for some simple volume and basic controls adjustments, all the way up to advanced, which allows control adjustments for all of the variables (of which there are many!). The Phoenix Sound Computer Interface gives our customers complete control of the sound board's terminals and what sounds can be triggered by them. You can set the sounds to be triggered by terminals, track voltage or both so you get the sounds you want, when you want. And with the DCC icon menu, you can set your DCC address and assign 8 functions for the 2K2 and 12 functions on the P5.
    • Features of the Computer Interface:
    • Installs easily on your PC (Plug-N-play).
    • USB Connection as of CD version 7.0!
    • Still allows for easy connection to serial port.
    • Graphic/Icon based menus.
    • User level settings.
    • Check diagnostics with input/output screen.
    • DCC Compatability.
    • Library of over 70 sound sets.
    • No more need of swapping chips to get different sounds
    • No more jumpers needed to change settings or set up sound system.
            $129.97 Now Comes With USB Cable  

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